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3 Ways To Be Visible as a Woman Entrepreneur


Women entrepreneurs need to understand the power of visibility. Every day I stress to my clients that if you aren't visible you are invisibile. The only person who ever did well at that is the invisible man - but he wasn't attempting to be successful in business. 

The fact is successful businesses create a buzz and have people talking about them. So, ask yourself, "What to I do in my business that gets people talking?" If you don't have an answer - then you have a problem!

Let me give you some ideas of what I mean.

If you are in the real estate business you already know the importance of spreading the word with new listings, but have you thought about getting your name out there as an expert in anything and everything to do with home ownership? Or, if your industry is retail, health, fitness, insurance, construction or the law - become an expert in your field and take your message to the streets.

Becoming an expert in an industry means taking the time to use your experience and share it with others. Just because there aren't as many newspapers and magazines around as there were 5 years ago doesn't mean you can't write expert articles and submit them to every appropriate online media.

As a former member of the media, I can tell you the media is always looking for credible people to write expert articles - and even more interested in getting women entrepreneurs or women in business to submit them. (In case you don't know our media is still dominated by men and this leaves the door wide open for women who want to share their knowledge in print or online).

Of course, (PR) public relations is FREE - which means you can write whatever you want, but can't control how it is used. If you are a controlling person who needs to know exactly how your article will be presented, then BUY AN AD!

Stop wondering why some people (women) get their names in the paper or their articles online. Start presenting yourself as an expert and get your name, face and business out there and visible.

Here are 3 ways to be visible as a woman entrepreneur or woman in business:

(1) Have or sponsor an event: It can be an Open House at your place of work, a seminar or workshop at a local organization, restaurant or hotel or a guest speaker for a aligning business partner. The purpose is to draw a crowd, create buzz through advertising the event in local calendar listings, online websites, flyers and with business partners and customers.

Remember: it doesn't matter how many people attend - what matters is that you created a buzz with the event itself. It gets people talking about who you are and what you do. It demonstrates that as a woman entrepreneur YOU are an expert in your industry.

(2) Partner with a non-profit: Depending on the type of business you are in this is a great way to get local press and make a difference at the same time. Find a local non-profit that is as interested in creating buzz as you are. Offer them the opportunity to work together to create news together. Find a way so what you do together is mutually beneficial. Yes, you can give back and benefit at the same time - there is nothing wrong with this. You must make sure that you get visibility for yourself, your business and the non-profit all at the same time. If done right the non-profit will not only benefit by the exposure, but by generating donations. Your time and energy will be appreciated and make a difference and you will be visible.

(3) BLOG and make company announcements regularly: Only a few years ago, businesses regularly announced new hires, new products and services, special events, special give-aways and more. With the dramatic changes in media coverage fewer companies use this tactic. Every business needs a BLOG - yes, that means you. Of course, you have a website, but without a blog people rarely have a reason to come back to your site. Start blogging and customers, potential customers, vendors, competitors will have a way to take notice to what you are up to. (And, yes, I can read your mind on this one -- having people be interested in what you are doing is critical to your business success and MORE important to your visibility).

Your blog is your opportunity to share your expertise - just as I do in the blog you are reading now. So, no more excuses - start blogging NOW.

Women entrepreneurs and women in business must learn that visibility = credibility which = success!



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