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7 Concepts For Women Entrepreneurs To WIN


women entrepreneurs need mentorsWomen entrepreneurs continue to start businesses at twice the rate of men in America and within the next five years, woman-owned businesses will likely be in the majority. Having children and family responsibilities has not dissuaded women from launching their own businesses and competing in the marketplace, but the women who succeed understand these seven concepts and live by them:

(1) Motivate -she must start off every day by being prepared to motivate her family, her team and herself to believe that although a new business is always an upward climb collaboration and mutual respect will get it there.

(2) Lead By Example - she must walk the talk and never ask anything from anyone else that she is not prepared to do herself. Leaders raise the bar by their actions not their words.

(3) Inspire - she must inspire confidence in her dream in order to convince customers to take a chance and vendors to come onboard.

(4) Mentor - she must mentor others who look to her for advice. She must be willing to take the time, and have the patience, to help those who see her as a role model.

(5) Coach - she must coach her team to see her vision if she expects them to spread her magic. Their success is her success.

(6) Teamwork - she knows there is no "i" in team, and although she accepts the applause for her accomplishment, she is quick to announce that success is a collaboration of hard working people behind the scenes that make her look good.

(7) Vision - she must have vision and be able to articulate it to employees, investors, customers, vendors, and the media. Her vision is what drives the company forward and sets it in motion to succeed in the marketplace.

Women entrepreneurs who motivate, lead by example, inspire, mentor, coach, believe in teamwork, and have vision will win in business. Winning is not about how well you do for yourself but how well you do for others.

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This blog was very helpful in completing my Summer Internship Report.............. Thank You )
Posted @ Saturday, July 12, 2014 11:09 PM by Abhinav Sinha
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