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Women Entrepreneurs Know What To Do When The Going Gets Tough


If you own a business in the Boston area you know what I mean when I say it has been a tough year for business. The snow keeps falling and the last thing anyone is doing is spending money. I believe that women entrepreneurs are even better at understanding how to navigate the rough waters of business than men --- and this is why....

3 Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Are A Better Investment


For years the battle cry from women entrepreneurs was "Show me the money!" Banks, venture capitalists, angel investors and just about any entity willing to invest funds into a new startup stayed clear of female wannabe entrepreneurs. Oh, the times they are a changing....

3 Key Steps For Women Entrepreneurs In Making Decisions


Male or female, if you are an entrepreneur you have to make decisions 24/7 regarding your business. Many decisions may not seem like make or break it judgments, but the lion share will impact your business for the better or worse. So, how do you, women entrepreneurs, make business decisions?

Communication Is Key For Women In Business

Bridge the CommunicationGap

As a business coach, I spend a lot of my time discussing communication skills with my clients. Since I work with both men and women, I understand better than most, that the discussion on this matter is different. For the most part, men want to control the conversation and women want to participate in it. The fact is communication, regardless of the parties involved, must be thought of as a bridge.

Woman Entrepreneur or Not? Snow Days May Tell The Story

snow business

Mother Nature has just blasted the Northeast (in my case - Boston) with another foot of snow. As an energized entrepreneurial bunny, I am up earlier than usual and diving into work that I often don't have time to complete. I realized that it is days like these that can help women identify themselves as woman entrepreneur or not. Take the quiz ahead and see if maybe it is time to start your own business.

3 Reasons Women In Business Can Start A Business


It takes a village to nurture a child and every woman knows that if she decides to embark on the entrepreneurial journey she will look for support from that village. Every woman in business, at one time or another, thinks about starting her own business. Many turn a hobby into a small business just to say to themselves that they have what it takes to make money on their own. But others, many others, make the choice to establish a business that, if carefully planned, can grow into a business enterprise employing many and answering the needs of consumers. It doesn't matter which entrepreneurial woman you are - if you are a woman in business, working for others, and want to start something on your own - I say, GO FOR IT and here's how!

3 Trends So Women Entrepreneurs Will Win in 2015

business trends

A new year means it is time to raise the bar on your business goals. But, what does that actually mean for your woman-owned business, you ask? It means it is time to review what has worked last year and capitalize on that progress and prepare to kick-it-up a notch. There are 3 business trends this year that will help catapult your company if you are willing to think differently and act on them.

3 Resolutions for Women in Business

Women Entrepreneurs & Balance resized 600

As the year comes to an end and we think about making resolutions, I believe it is wise to categorize them. The goal is to honestly assess the year past and plan for the year ahead - 2015. Women in business should think about what worked and what didn't and what they can do about it.

What Women in Business Can Learn From WILD

Reese Witherspoon WILD

As you know, if you regularly read this blog, I love movies! I couldn't wait to see Reese Witherspoon in WILD and she did not disappoint. The powerful takeaway for women in business is believing that you CAN accomplish anything.

Women In Business and Urgency


The older we get the faster time passes. Do you remember when you were little and Christmas was a few weeks away? Every minute of every day passed so slowly you thought the moment of Santa's arrival would never come. But, then you grew up. You decided to become a woman in business, or even a woman entrepreneur, and now the hours, days and weeks seem to blur. What no one is telling you is that business is all about urgency! Every second counts...every minute may mean the difference between success and failure. Business, all business, is about urgency....

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