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Women Entrepreneurs: There Is ALWAYS A Long Road Ahead

long road ahead

The song goes, "Summer time and the livin is easy..." but, the fact is this is no time to get lazy if you are an entrepreneur that wants to raise the bar in business this fall. Since I write my blogs focused on women entrepreneurs, I know well that no matter how well business is going there is always a long road ahead........

Women Entrepreneurs: Who Is Minding The Store?

the store

Yes, summer is here and as a woman entrepreneur, afraid to leave control for even a minute, you finally feel as though you must take a break. With any luck and a lot of good planning, you have managed to staff your business while you take that much needed vacation. My question is: "Who is minding the store while you take that deserved rest?

Women In Business Leadership: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

women leaders

If you are reading this blog you already know that I am passionate about the need for more women's leadership in business, politics, education, healthcare, philanthropy, and at home. America cannot lead the world into the future if we continue to marginalize women at work and/or at home. True leaders know that diversity provides opportunity for significant perspective. So why isn't progress being made more than 167 years after the beginning of the women's movement?

Women In Business Must Market Themselves


Women in business ask me every day how to promote themselves so that job opportunities and other offers will come their way. I say start by looking in the mirror and being honest about exactly who you are and what you have to offer. In other words, you can't expect others to buy what you aren't selling?

First, it is important to make connections along the way in your career and in your life. You just never know how important or how powerful someone you meet will be later in your life. Stop looking at the people at the top as the only people who can help you. Everyone you meet you eventually turn out to be your champion.

Equal Pay for Women in Business and Sports!


Congratulations to the USA Women's Soccer team! What a tremendous success! Men and women around the country cheered them on to victory and are still celebrating their accomplishment....but, we all know that women in sports are paid for their work at the same, if not less than women in business are. These champion women were just paid 22% less than their male counterparts...and really much less than that as the advertising endorsements that will be offered will be at a discounted price also......where's the outrage? (pic from Bloomberg)

Proud To Be A Woman In Business


June 2015 will go down in history as a transformational time. As a woman in business, I believe that the issues that are dominating the news are indicators that equality for all is far from reality. There are always at least two sides to every issue, but at the heart of the current debates is equality. As a business coach, woman in business and entrepreneur, I believe the fight for woman's equality continues to exist. Let me tell you why?

Women In Business Must Consistently Plant Seeds


A day doesn't go by that I don't hear from a woman in business who tells me that she feels as though she is going it alone. She senses that she is invisible at work and that her career reputation is undistinguished. Her question is: how can I make a name for myself at work and in my field? My answer is - learn to consistently plant seeds and then continue to feed them. Let me explain.

Women Entrepreneurs: Must Take Time To Reflect


Attention all women entrepreneurs! I know how busy you are and how every minute counts when you are working to grow your business. But, take my advice and take time to reflect on exactly what it is you want out of life and make sure that what you are doing is taking you in that direction. It is true that when one door closes another door opens...the question is, where does that door lead?

Women in Business Believe in Gender Equity

one day we'll rule this place

Every generation of women in business believes that their generation is the one where gender will not matter in the workplace. "It's all about performance," I hear from those in the first five years after college in the workplace. Standing shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, they see the work world and believe that they are prepared to compete equally and advance fairly. So, what happens to change the outcome?

Women in Business Get Stuck

woman stuck box isolated 7145177 resized 600

Women in business tell me they feel stuck! They feel stuck in a myriad of stuff that doesn't seem to make any difference to the company or to the bottom line, but they are asked to do it anyway. So what do women in business do to get unstuck?

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