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Women In Business, Politics and More- It Is Your Turn!

My turn

Every day I learn something new from my 2 year old granddaughter Lucy. Now that she has a little sister her favorite expression is "my turn". Believe me, as Grammy, I give almost every turn to Lucy, but it impresses me that she knows, and isn't afraid, to ask for it. So, I want to ask all my women business clients and YOU, are you asking, or even expecting a turn at success? If not, you've lost the passion you so innocently had at 2 years old. So, what now?

Women Leaders, Women Bosses, A Woman President: Ready or Not?


I write Women's Business Blog because I am passionate about the opportunities for women in America in the 21st century. I am enthralled by women's history and ravish books on the subject. I am excited to share the news of Gloria Steinem's new book My Life On The Road and Shirley Leung's (Boston Globe) interview.

Women Entrepreneurs MUST Reject Emotional Ties


As a business coach, I have a mantra that I tell all my clients. It is: YOU ARE NOT YOUR BUSINESS! You have an expiration date and your business doesn't need to. However, no matter how much I sing this song many women entrepreneurs emotionally cling to the business they started. What to do when you can't let go!

Women In Business Are Business Naturals

doll picnic

Recently I was watching my granddaughter work diligently to prepare a doll picnic. I realized at that moment that there was something very different in how she prepared for this event then how my once 2 year-old son arranged his play. I was witnessing one of the natural instincts females have that, if used purposely, develop them into natural women in business.

Women In Business Can Learn From Malala


Once again, I am compelled to blog about a movie....but not just a movie, but an inspirational story and life....He Named Me Malala. I assume that there are very few women, or men for that matter, who don't know the story of Malala Yousafzai. Briefly, Malala is a Pakistani teenager who spoke out about the importance of education for women and was shot in the head by the Taliban. Women in business, and all women, can learn a lot from Malala.

Lessons For Women Entrepreneurs Learned From The Martian

matt damon, the martian resized 600

OK, I know you are thinking what on earth - ha ha, can I, as an entrepreneur learn from the new movie The Martian? Simple and Matt Damon, aka Mark Watney, explains it very early in the movie. Listen up women entrepreneurs....this is very interesting and Matt Damon does it beautifully.

3 Lessons For Women Entrepreneurs From THE INTERN

The Intern resized 600

As a movie fan, I love finding pearls of wisdom for women entrepreneurs hidden in the dialogue of a current movie. THE INTERN starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro provides three great lessons that women business owners should heed.

Women Entrepreneurs MUST Value Their Work


Women entrepreneurs continue to start businesses at levels far ahead of males. This fact should mean that women value their work and are confident that customers will pay them for the privilege of working with them. However, too often the opposite is true and women entrepreneurs undervalue their expertise. So, how does a woman entrepreneur determine her value?

Are Some Women Entrepreneurs Wearing Too Many Hats?


There is no question that operating a small business requires long hours, hard work and many talents. But, in my business coaching practice, I find that women entrepreneurs are more likely trying to fill more roles than their male counterparts. I ask you "Are you wearing too many hats in your small business?"

Women Entrepreneurs: There Is ALWAYS A Long Road Ahead

long road ahead

The song goes, "Summer time and the livin is easy..." but, the fact is this is no time to get lazy if you are an entrepreneur that wants to raise the bar in business this fall. Since I write my blogs focused on women entrepreneurs, I know well that no matter how well business is going there is always a long road ahead........

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