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3 Lessons Learned For Women Entrepreneurs On Customer Service


What fun it is to be a business coach to women entrepreneurs and have so much to share about customer service from the big boys: Verizon, Comcast/Infinity, and washer/dryer repairman, and that's just this week! So, keep reading to learn 3 lessons every entrepreneur must know about customer service to be successful in business.Every small business person knows the importance of customer service...YES, YOU DO KNOW THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT...RIGHT? I know that this sounds so scary as if you, the entrepreneur, will give away the store, so to speak, to the customer whose needs seem somewhat pitiful,....BUT, the customer's needs are what keep you in business! Get it? If the customer had no needs you wouldn't be in business. So, let's move on to the lessons learned this week from the big boys!

Women Entrepreneurs Must Provide Magic!


Magic is a word that connotes a feeling of excitement when just saying it or hearing it. The definition is simple: magic is the "power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces." Women entrepreneurs are in the business of executing magic!

2016 Predictions For All Women In Business

2016 calendar

It is finally here - 2016! And, although I don't often make predictions, I know that the signs are clear that 2016 will be a tipping point for women in business. The definition of a tipping point is "the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change." Let me share my thoughts on what's ahead.

Women Leaders Don't Point They Lead

finger pointing

There is a lot of talk about leadership in the news these days. Of course, there is a Presidential election coming up and everyone running wants to be seen as a leader. My observation is that too many people believe that in order to make a point one must point a finger of blame at a person rather than state a solution. Women leaders must lead by example not reveal blame.

Women in Business Vs. Holiday Stress

elf on the shelf resized 600

Juggling work and family, and then adding the holidays to the schedule are more than most humans can manage. Women in business, particularly those for whom the holiday season is critical to the bottom line of the business, experience the greatest stress. So, what to do about it? Here are a few tips.

Women In Business, Politics and More- It Is Your Turn!

My turn

Every day I learn something new from my 2 year old granddaughter Lucy. Now that she has a little sister her favorite expression is "my turn". Believe me, as Grammy, I give almost every turn to Lucy, but it impresses me that she knows, and isn't afraid, to ask for it. So, I want to ask all my women business clients and YOU, are you asking, or even expecting a turn at success? If not, you've lost the passion you so innocently had at 2 years old. So, what now?

Women Leaders, Women Bosses, A Woman President: Ready or Not?


I write Women's Business Blog because I am passionate about the opportunities for women in America in the 21st century. I am enthralled by women's history and ravish books on the subject. I am excited to share the news of Gloria Steinem's new book My Life On The Road and Shirley Leung's (Boston Globe) interview.

Women Entrepreneurs MUST Reject Emotional Ties


As a business coach, I have a mantra that I tell all my clients. It is: YOU ARE NOT YOUR BUSINESS! You have an expiration date and your business doesn't need to. However, no matter how much I sing this song many women entrepreneurs emotionally cling to the business they started. What to do when you can't let go!

Women In Business Are Business Naturals

doll picnic

Recently I was watching my granddaughter work diligently to prepare a doll picnic. I realized at that moment that there was something very different in how she prepared for this event then how my once 2 year-old son arranged his play. I was witnessing one of the natural instincts females have that, if used purposely, develop them into natural women in business.

Women In Business Can Learn From Malala


Once again, I am compelled to blog about a movie....but not just a movie, but an inspirational story and life....He Named Me Malala. I assume that there are very few women, or men for that matter, who don't know the story of Malala Yousafzai. Briefly, Malala is a Pakistani teenager who spoke out about the importance of education for women and was shot in the head by the Taliban. Women in business, and all women, can learn a lot from Malala.

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